Wedding - Shams and Seraphina

Sanborn County Park, Saratoga, CA

There are so many perfect locations for a wedding in the Redwood forests of California, and Sanborn County Park in the beautiful Saratoga is one of the crown jewels! This unsuspecting park can be transformed into the perfect wedding venue with the help of friends, family and a talented event designer. Shams and Seraphina took full advantage of the dreamy woodsy spaces to host an unforgettable wedding weekend. It’s not hard to see that this wedding was all about community. Every element, from the decor to flower arrangements to the reception dinner, were made by Shams, Seraphina, and all their friends and family. No detail was left untouched. We adore the unique look Shams and Seraphina created by making everything themselves, and we especially love their twist on traditional wedding style. Seraphina's blush gown and Sham's bow tie outfit added both a level of whimsy and a pop of color that looked beautiful against the woodland landscape.

The couple love nature and that's the reason they specifically chose their wedding location to be amongst the redwoods. I loved the moments when the couple sat together and along with the attendees, singing songs of joy and prayers as they looked up to the heavens and being thankful for the life and love they share. I totally loved capturing every detail of this wildly romantic California wedding!