Wedding - Mark and Akela

The Old Homestead, Crockett, CA

Two artistic souls, passionately in love and full of life. The love Mark and Akela have for each other is evident, and the passion for adventure is contagious. They are an inspiration with such spontaneous perspective on life and love. Their wedding was set at the histocial Old Homestead in Crockett, CA, where they celebrated with a small intimate group of great friends and family. Exploring the rolling hills, venturing into the woods and dancing under lights, it was such a beautiful day to say the least.

The day was filled with all the emotion and energy of a full wedding day, and definitely had its share of great moments and great pieces of storytelling for the day. Both parent dances were especially heart warming to watch, and it was so cute seeing the ladies come together to share in the moment to help create one of my favorite father daughter reactions I've captured. After such an emotional couple of dances, it was great to see everyone unwind on the dance floor and enjoy themselves, as the kids went wild with their acrobatic dance poses. When it comes to the dance floor, I love getting within inches of the person, to try to capture the feeling and energy of that song. Sometimes, people get a little self conscious about me being so close, but it's awesome when I can just shoot as I want since the person is simply lost in the music and the moment, which was the case with this party. The ideal wedding day is supposed to be fun and care free - and Mark and Akela's wedding was just that. As their day came to a close, they walked over to the railway tracks next to yet another historic landscape, the C&H Sugar Factory to get some classic images under the moonlight and the neon lights in the background.